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All State Band Recordings


Junior Clarinet: Audition Solo 1B, Moderato

  • Crescendo into the dotted half note G in m. 2, followed by a diminuendo
  • Breath before m. 3 and keep mm. 3-4 dolce
  • Breath before m. 5 with a crescendo through the staccato 8th notes and 16th notes to the G on beat 3 of m. 6. Place a slight tenuto on the first 16th note in m. 6
  • Place a tenuto on the first 16th of m. 7 and crescendo through m. 7 to the dotted half note C in m. 8
  • Playful, short staccato in m. 5, m. 9 and 11
  • Crescendo to beat 3 in m. 9 with a slight tenuto on the first 16th on beat 2 and a slight diminuendo to the end of the measure
  • Again, slight tenuto on the first 16th of beat 1 and 3 in m. 10
  • Keep the crescendo going to the half note B on beat 3 in m. 12, then relax for two beats
  • Crescendo m. 13 to the downbeat of m. 15, followed by the written diminuendo
  • 16-17 and 18-19 should have crescendo on first measure and diminuendo on the second measure
  • Keep the crescendo going to the dotted half in m. 23 and then diminuendo that last note with a nice taper on the end of the note. Place slight tenuto on first triplet of m. 22

Moderato, “b” ending

  • Start this section more mf to allow for more direction following
  • Place a crescendo to the end of the excerpt

Clinic Clarinet: Audition Solo 2C, Allegro agitato / Andante cantabile

  • Place a crescendo through the first four measures
  • Start a dim in m. 6 and come down to a soft dynamic in m. 9, followed by the written crescendo that continues to m. 20.
  • Do two-measure cresc/dim on mm. 21-22 and 23-24. Place a slight tenuto on first triplet on m. 22
  • Crescendo from m. 25 to the downbeat of m. 28, with a slight relaxation in m. 28 along with the ritard
  • Mirror mm. 29-32 with the beginning
  • Diminuendo mm. 33-36 to mp in m. 37 and continue to end the excerpt at piano

Allegro agitato, “b” ending

  • Crescendo through the entire excerpt until the very end, which should end strongly

Senior Clarinet: Audition Solo 3B, Adagio / Allegro con spirito

  • Start the written crescendo right away and take it to the E# in m. 2
  • Breathe before m. 3 and push air through the rest in m. 4 to m. 5.
  • Don’t use RH pinky/Eb key on the high D in m. 5
  • Start a crescendo in m. 7 and make big ritard in m. 8
  • Place slight tenuto in first of 16th note runs in mm. 9, 10, 11 and similar spots
  • Crescendo through 9-13 with a subito mp in m. 14
  • Crescendo from 16 to the very end where the diminuendo is written

Adagio / Allegro con spirito, “b” ending

  • Crescendo mm. 26-27 with diminuendo in m. 28
  • Crescendo in mm. 29-30 with a strong ending


Download these performance notes [pdf].

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