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Student Affairs and Academic Support


Mark your calendar and take advantage of these events designed to support your growth, development and recognition. Details will be added as they become available.



When: 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. 
Check-in and meals will be in Capstone Campus Room. Sessions will be in Close-Hipp.
Registration closed.


Past Events

  • Beyond The Classroom Matters, Pam Bowers, UofSC; "How to Stay HIP: Understanding and Using HIPs in our Student Affairs Work," Jennifer Keup, UofSC
  • Updates and General Remarks, Dennis Pruitt
  • IdeaPOP! keynote "Leading With a Living System Mindset," Kathleen Allen, Kathleen Allen and Associates, 
  • "Healthy Eating on a Budget," Olivia Sullivan, UofSC
  • "Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Achievement Task Force Update," DEIA Task Force members, UofSC
  • "Let's Talk About Your Finances," Rachel Sinoway, UofSC
  • General Remarks, Dennis Pruitt; Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion update, Julian Williams, UofSC
  • "Eco-Friendly New Year," Grace Kazmierski and Larry Cook, UofSC
  • "Staff Senate Overview," Leena Holt, Rushondra James, UofSC and "Updates on Telecommuting and Class and Comp Study," Stacey Bradley, UofSC
  • "Fall 2021 Class Update," Mary Wagner, UofSC and "Student Success and Retention," Silvia Patricia Rios Husain, Dana Talbert and Kimberly Dressler, UofSC
  • Mindfulness and Meditation workshop, Marguerite O'Brien
  • "UofSC Community Insights Survey," Alicia Bervine, Stacey Bradley, Kim Pruitt and Nathan Strong, UofSC
  • "Supporting LGBTQ+ Students at UofSC," Caroline Wallace, UofSC
  • "Mental Health and Well-Being in a Prolonged Crisis," Rebecca Caldwell and April Scott, UofSC
  • "Doing Democracy Differently,"Ambra Hiott and Carly Zerr, UofSC
  • "The Challenges of Being Black in Student Affairs," Allison Smith, Louisiana Board of Regents, AMS Consulting
  • "The Resiliency Project," Rebecca Caldwell, April Scott, Justina Siuba, Marguerite O'Brien and Leena Holt, UofSC
  • "Implicit Bias," Preshuslee Thompson, Kirwain Institute
  • "Enrollment and Retention," Stacey Bradley and Mary Wagner, UofSC
  • "Financial Aid and Scholarships," Joey Derrick, UofSC 
  • "Mental Health and Suicide Risk Reduction," Debbie Beck, Rebecca Caldwell, Warrenetta Mann, UofSC
  • "Student Life Revisioning," Anna Edwards, UofSC
  • "Masculinity at UofSC," Julian Capel, Cody Dunlap, Jason Halterman and Shawna Edmond, UofSC
  • Campus Space Planning, Derek Gruner, UofSC
  • "Crisis Management and Response," Wes Hickman, Chris Wuchenich, UofSC
  • "Supporting International Students," International Student Services staff and student panel, UofSC
  • "Student Affairs Life Hack: Positive Mental Health and Resilient Living," Warrenetta Mann and April Scott, UofSC
  • "Viewpoint Diversity," Marc Shook, UofSC, and "Fake News, Real Problem," Maegan Gudridge, UofSC
  • "Meet Generation Z," Keith Ellis, UofSC
  • "Veterans on Campus," panel of UofSC student veterans
  • "Workplace Survey Results," Nathan Strong, UofSC
  • 1st Amendment Panel, Christian Anderson, Susan Bon, Anna Edwards, Kevin Sheppard, UofSC
  • "Creating a Trauma-Informed Campus," Shannon Nix, Sarah Wright, UofSC
  • "Trans*forming Higher Education: Creating Affirming Learning Environments for LGBTQ+ College Students Through Policy and Practice," Cindy Ann Kilgo, University of Alabama


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